RPG:General Commands

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Chat Commands

/afk, /away: Will set your state to afk

/bal, /balance: Will show your current Economy Balance

/baltop: Will show the top 10 players with the most balance on the server

/bank: Can be accessed from the player menu

/call , /tpa : Will send a request to teleport to someone

/tpahere : Will send the person a request to tp to your location

/ch, /channel: will let you choose what channel you are talking in

/chat , /lands chat : Will send a message to everyone who has access to your claim

/claim: Will allow you to claim more chunks for your Lands Claim

/ds buy, /displayshops buy: will buy a shop for you to place down

/em, /elitemobs: will desplay the Elite Mobs book, Which shows your Stats, Gear, Commands, Quest Tracking,brband Boss Tracking

/shareitem: Share the item that you are currently holding in your main hand

/jobs: Display the jobs menu in which you can choose what your current jobs are (You can only have 2 at a time)

/lands: Displays the menu for maintaining your land

/leave: Leave the lands you are currently in

/mcability: turn on/off ability use

/mcstats: shows the mcMMO Stats scoreboard

/mcscoreboard keep: With the stats open this will keep the scoreboard on

/mctop: shows the top mcMMO power levels

/mute : to mute a persons texts

/unclaim: unclaim chunks

/unmute : unmute a person's texts

/uranvil: Can be accessed from the player menu

/tell , /whisper : To send a private message to someone

/r: Will send a reply to the last person who whispered you